Ghana Food Movement - MANIFESTO


Food is a powerful force that can be used to shape our future.

We need an alternative and future proof approach to producing, cooking and consuming to be able to feed more people in a healthy way with a changing climate.

Cuisine always reinvents itself to express the flavors andconcerns of its time and place.

We all need to know and understand our culture and ingredients.

Ghanaian cuisine is beautifullycomplex and difficult to define but some words that come to mind are: pride, heritage, community, welcoming spirit, joy, colors and diversity.

Food is the ultimate unifier inbringingpeople together.

Food is simply too valuable to waste.

It all starts at the source: we have to respect our farmers, our soils and our waters.


The movement is pragmatic, fun, bold and proud.

We welcome anyone wanting to contribute while being undogmatic in finding different routes to our common goals.

We want to connect everyone along the value chain on this joint journey. Including (but not limited to): Ghanaian farmers, fishers, consumers, cooking craftsmen, industry, journalists, scientists, policy makers...

We will support and connect change makers and future proof initiatives in food

We will be both an online community and an initiator for offline events and meet-ups.

We want people to appreciate all the work, knowledge and effort that goes into providing even the simplest food

We want people to understand the interconnectivity of all players in the food system and the need for them to engage in open dialogue and concrete action